Excimer laser mirrors

Excimer laser mirrors

Excimer laser mirrors

KYOCERA SOC Corporation offers excimer laser mirrors with optimally designed depositions considering light resistance, reflectivity and environmental durability. Low loss, durable coating with multi-layer fluoride film is put on the precision-polished substrates of synthetic silica, calcium fluoride and magnesium fluoride. You can choose a variety of wavelengths from ArF laser(193nm), KrF laser (248nm) and XeC laser(308nm). In addition, XeF(352nm), F2 laser(157nm), Kr2 laser(146nm) and Ar2 laser(126nm) are also available. Although the shortest wavelength that a dielectric multi-layer mirror can deal with is 126nm, 115 nm will also be achievable with Al reflection enhanced mirror. High damage threshold photomask patterning multi-layer mirror via etching technologies is applicable for the wavelength longer than KrF(248nm).

Major Features

Excimer laser mirrors Major Features
High laser anti-damage
World's highest level KrF laser mirror
28J/cm2 @248nm,15ns
(Laser conditioning)
High reflectivity
Applicable to VUV excimer laser
R>95%@157nm, vertical
Low optical loss
R>99.98% @1064nm
Low absorption and scattering

KYOCERA SOC Corporation has been developing coating technology for excimer laser since a couple of decades ago. High laser-resistivity mirrors have been realized with the persistent R&D efforts targeting the highest level without any compromise. We are trying to be flexible as much as possible not only for the wavelength ranging from 126 nm to 352 nm but also to meet other customer needs with the technology for high power excimer lasers.

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