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KYOCERA SOC Corporation - show a future via optronics

The 21st century is said to be an age of optronics. KYOCERA SOC Corporation has created the optronics history taking advantage of its excellent technology platforms and development capabilities in this fast-evolving optical industry, thus continuously providing high quality, reliable unique products for the optical communications, semiconductor processing, medical, laser processing, precision measurement, printing, environmental measurement, aerospace etc. With its globally-esteemed leading-edge technologies, with its fervent corporate spirits to develop what nobody can develop, KYOCERA SOC Corporation continues to challenge and make the optronics history for years to come.

  • Company profile

    KYOCERA SOC Corporation has accumulated the broad range of optical technologies and business track records since its establishment in 1954.

  • Product outline

    KYOCERA SOC Corporation product categories are optical components, optical systems and lasers. We provide trusted products in performance, quality and reliability.

  • Corporate history

    KYOCERA SOC Corporation, which was founded as Showa Koki Seizou in 1954, started to manufacture lenses for camera or binoculars, precision optical measuring instruments.

  • Facility locations

    Corporate headquarter is located in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan.