fθ lenses (For fiber laser / YAG laser)

fθ lenses (For fiber laser / YAG laser)

Focus spot characteristics with minimal aberration

 fθ lens is utilized when scanning a laser beam two-dimensionally with galvano mirrors or polygon mirror.
 By using the distortion characteristic of the lens, the focused spot of the beam scanned by the constant velocity rotational motion of the mirror is scanned at a constant velocity on the focal plane.
 Other wavelengths, multi-wavelength, long working distances, wide scan areas, etc can also be customized

Key features

  • Good focus spot characteristics with minimal aberration.
  • Replaceable window protects the lens from scattering pieces generated from the objects.
  • YAG laser fundamental(1064nm) and harmonic(266nm, 355nm, 532nm) waves are also available.
  • High-speed drilling of printed wiring boards
  • High-speed marking of electronic components
  • High-speed marking of resin parts
  • Laser processing
  • Laser drilling
  • Laser welding of synthetic materials
  • Laser cutting

Specification examples・Dimensions

For fiber laser
Model No. FT300/5-1080F FT800/22-1080F
Wavelength 1060-1100nm 1060-1100nm
Focal length 306mm 803mm
Scan area Φ212mm Φ792mm
Incident beam dia. Φ28.9mm Φ24mm
Working distance 372.3mm 892mm
Window model No. FT300/5-1080F-CG FT800/22-1080F-CG
For YAG laser
Model No. FT250/4-1064 FT150/3-1064AH FT150/2-532S FT150/2-355 FT100/2-355T FT150/2-266S
Wavelength 1064nm 1064nm
532nm 355nm 355nm 266nm
Focal length 250mm 150mm 150mm 150mm 101mm 150mm
Scan area Φ150mm Φ120mm Φ72mm Φ72mm Φ56mm Φ72mm
Incident beam dia. Φ12mm Φ12mm Φ12mm Φ12mm Φ10mm Φ12mm
Focus spot size(1/e²) Φ40um Φ24um Φ12um Φ8um Φ7um Φ6um
fθdistortion(Max) ≦0.1% ≦0.04% ≦0.04% ≦0.02% ≦0.03% ≦0.04%
Transmittance ≧96% ≧90% ≧94% ≧92% ≧90% ≧92%
Window model No. C60-1064 C84-1064 C56-532 C62-355 C81-355 C66-266
Dimensions(mm) WD 301 145 168 147 103.5 146
a 20 25 25 25 20 25
b 35 35 35 35 35 35
c 8.5 12.2 3.5 5 10 7
d 6 6 6 6 6 6
e 6 6 6 6 6 6
f 17 83 41.5 60.8 67.3 63
g Φ53 Φ65/Φ88.5 Φ58 Φ48 Φ54 Φ58
h M60×P1.0 M90×P1.0 M60×P1.0 M60×P1.0 M90×P1.0 M60×P1.0
i Φ62 Φ92 Φ62 Φ62 Φ92 Φ62
j Φ68 Φ102 Φ70 Φ80 Φ100 Φ78