Optical systems

Designing, developing and manufacturing customized optical systems

KYOCERA SOC Corporation provides optical systems becoming a part of your equipments and systems pursuant to your requests. Our integrated processes from development to manufacturing enable quick delivery. With the wide range of technology platforms including precision polishing, coating, and lasers as well as with the aberration correction and optical design know-how accumulated through the long history, KYOCERA SOC Corporation is a world-class high quality optical system provider to meet and exceed your expectations.

Introduction to Optical System Design and Manufacturing (pdf, 376KB)

Temperature Change Resistant Titanium Objective Lens (pdf, 477KB)

Long working distance immersion objective (pdf, 660KB)

Super Long working distance immersion objective (pdf, 522KB)

Development Results of Optics (pdf, 241KB)

Objective lenses for mask and wafer inspection (pdf, 503KB)

High NA UV Objectivelens (pdf, 419KB)

High NA UV Objectivelens(No adhesive used) (pdf, 425KB)

F-theta lens for laser processing(YAG laser) (pdf, 492KB)

F-theta lens for laser processing(Fiber laser) (pdf, 697KB)

355nm focus lens for laser processing (pdf, 370KB)

Infrared lenses (pdf, 373KB)

Objective lenses for excimer laser processing (pdf, 283KB)

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