JUNO-All in One Series

JUNO All in One  レーザ

JUNO All in One – ultra compact, unified design in size and interface

JUNO All in One laser is an integrated package with controller embedded laser head in which employs either diode pumped solid-state laser or direct diode laser depending on its wavelength. You can choose its wavelength from a wide variety of 16 series. An extremely compact, design unified (excluding 594nm) JUNO All in One is an optimized laser module for your laser system by providing space and power efficiency, great flexibility in selecting wavelength to your laser application.

The laser type on wavelength selection is as follows: diode pumped solid-state laser - 473, 515, 532, 542, 553, 561, 594, 1064nm, direct diode laser with fast modulation - 375, 405, 445, 488, 515, 635, 640, 785nm. All product can be operated by +5VDC power supply.

JUNO All in One also offers a fiber-coupled product connecting with a polarization maintaining single mode optical fiber with the bandwidth between 405nm and 1064nm. SOC’s unique fiber coupling system realizes about 80% coupling efficiency, higher than -20dB polarization extinction ratio and output power stability within the operating temperature.

Key features

  • A wide variety of wavelengths - 375, 405, 445, 473, 488, 515, 532,542, 553, 561, 594, 635, 640, 642, 785, 1064 nm
  • Built-in controller
  • High reliability, long-life, low-power consumption
  • Low noise
  • Optimized compact design for system built-in
  • RS232 interface
  • Fiber-coupled model


  • DNA sequencer
  • Confocal microscope
  • Flow cytometry
  • Microarray reader
  • Raman spectrometry
  • Fluorescent analysis
  • Particle measurement
  • Semiconductor/LCD inspection
  • Printing


Free space / Fiber-coupled


Free space / Fiber-coupled