Mass production type polarizing beam splitter (µPBS)


Own original mass production process

µPBS is one of the world’s smallest-class adhesive-free PBS cube.
Our original SAB(Surface Activated Bonding) process enables µPBS to be outstandingly resistant to both heating and laser irradiation.
Since it is adhesive-free, it is ideal for use in high-temperature environments such as in-vehicle and autoclaves, and with mass production technology that can be miniaturized, it is also ideal for beam combining applications that use micro prisms such as VR / AR and HMD.
Also manufacturing custom-made products with different wavelengths and shapes available.

Key features

Small Size
World’s smallest-class Adhesive-free PBS cube (minimum 0.5mm)
Heating Resistance
Heating resistance≧300 ℃, Autoclave resistance
Laser Resistance
LIDT≧20J/cm2, at 1064nm,10ns
Own original mass production process
Monthly production: tens of thousands

Specification examples

Model No. Dimensions[mm] Material Wavelength Angle of incidence Transmittance Antireflection coating Damage threshold (Typical)
UPBS405-5M 5×5×5 S-BSL7 405nm 0±2deg Tp≧99%,Ts≦0.1% R≦0.3%/surface ≧3J/cm²
UPBS-VIS-5M 5×5×5 Optical glass 420-700nm 0deg Tp≧93%,Ts≦0.1% R≦1%/surface ≧3J/cm²
UPBS532-5M 5×5×5 S-BSL7 532nm 0±2deg Tp≧99%,Ts≦0.1% R≦0.3%/surface ≧5J/cm²
UPBS-NIR-5M 5×5×5 Optical glass 650-1250nm 0deg Tp≧95%,Ts≦0.1% R≦0.5%/surface ≧10J/cm²
UPBS-IR-5M 5×5×5 Optical glass 1200-1700nm 0deg Tp≧95%,Ts≦0.1% R≦0.5%/surface ≧10J/cm²
※Custom-made products available

Common spec.

Surface quality(S-D) 10-5(MIL-PRF-13830B)
Transmitted wavefront distortion λ/10(λ=633nm)
Effective diameter Φ3mm
Parallelism ≦1arcmin
Dimension tolerance ±0.1