Optical units (Technical information)

Architect optical systems that suit your needs

Optical units (Technical information)

Integrated in-house design and fabrication of lens system and optical system

KYOCERA SOC Corporation covers a broad range of technology platforms over all necessary processes such as design, optics manufacturing, system fabrication and inspection so as to be able to realize an ideal optical system pursuant to customers' requests and needs. Operation is full-line customized, from design to inspection services covering from a single lens or several elementary lenses to a complex optical system made of a few thousand of parts and components, from VUV to far infrared region.

Introduction to Optical System Design and Manufacturing PDF (376KB)

Temperature Change Resistant Titanium Objective Lens PDF (477KB)

Long working distance immersion objective PDF (660KB)

Super Long working distance immersion objective PDF (285KB)

Development Results of Optics PDF (537KB)

Objective lenses for semiconductor mask and wafer inspection PDF (322KB)(2022.05.25 update)

High NA UV Objective lens PDF (310KB)(2022.05.25 update)

High NA UV Objective lens(No adhesive used) PDF (349KB)(2022.05.25 update)

F-theta lens for laser processing(YAG laser) PDF (335KB)(2022.05.25 update)

F-theta lens for laser processing(Fiber laser) PDF (275KB)(2022.05.25 update)

266n, 355nm focus lens for laser processing PDF (232KB)(2023.05.18 update)

Infrared lenses PDF (373KB)

Objective lenses for excimer laser processing PDF (283KB)

Consulting-typed development backed by fabrication and evaluation technologies

KYOCERA SOC Corporation offers solution-provider-typed consulting and manufacturing services in which sometimes consider and work up target specifications based on the customer's images and kick around subsequent challenges together, or sometimes originally design and develop customized optical alignment, jig and tool for inspection and evaluation. KYOCERA SOC Corporation has track records in developing optical systems together with clients, which are used under specific environment such as water pressure-proof or radiation-proof.

A wide range of evaluation technologies

  Imaging performance
  Illumination uniformity
  Coating characteristics
  Stray light analysis
  Flare analysis
  Structure analysis
  Wave aberration
  Focus spot
  Temperature test
  Vibration test

DUV optical system

Optical units (Technical information) Optical units (Technical information)

Optical systems which are used for DUV wavelengths shorter than 300nm need to keep an eye on various considerations. KYOCERA SOC Corporation is able to take appropriate countermeasures based on its abundant development and manufacturing experiences for instance:
  Vitreous material selection
  Outgassing provision
  High tolerance optical system design
  Wavefront measurement with unique UV interferometer
KYOCERA SOC Corporation also has optical system design and fabrication track records for even shorter than DUV wavelength regions:

High precision objective lenses (high NA, wide view angle)

Optical units (Technical information) Optical units (Technical information) Optical units (Technical information)

Integrated total manufacturing process design capability in which put various well-considered ideas and fabrication know-hows to realize target specifications is dispensable for precision objective lens development, including lens design, structural design capabilities and related tolerance analysis and structural dissection evaluation capabilities. KYOCERA SOC Corporation designs and develops precision objective lenses by designing its manufacturing to take full advantages of the entire processes such as:

  High precision lens processing (~λ/50)
  High damage resistant coating
  Broadband coating
  High precision mechanical component processing (~1μm)
  Centering processing (~1arcsec.)
  Low distortion assembly (~λ/100)
  Eccentricity measurement
  Focus and image adjustment
  Performance simulation
  Wavefront aberration evaluation (~λ/100)