Precision aspheric mirrors

Precision aspheric mirrors

Precision aspheric mirrors

KYOCERA SOC Corporation offers precision aspheric mirrors comprised of low-expansion glass ceramics, synthetic silica, silicon carbide(SiC) and other various metallic materials. Paraboloidal mirrors including off-axis feature can be certified until λ/20 by autocollimation testing. Profile irregularity of aspheric mirrors with high order aspheric coefficients are measured by stitching interferometer and profilometer. Since its processing accuracy depends heavily on your configuration request, it would be better to consult us about detailed order in the early development stage. Suitable applications are primary and secondary mirrors in a telescope, focusing mirrors for laser processing etc.

key features

  • Precision aspherical fabrication by NC polishing with MRF®, A-FJP®
  • Multiple surface accuracy evaluations including autocollimation testing and stitching interferometer(SSI-A®)
  • ※MRF®SSI-A®: QED Technologies, A-FJP®: OptoTech

Fabrication example

Precision aspheric mirrors Fabrication

Surface accuracy comparison

Precision aspheric mirrors Surface accuracy comparison

Production range

Size Material Asphericality Surface accuracy
Max. φ300mm Synthetic silica,various optical glass,CaF2,SiC, etc. 30μm (unlimited in case of conic surface) >λ/100 rms(λ=632.8nm)