Personal Information Protection Policy of KYOCERA Corporation

  1. Basic Policy

    KYOCERA SOC Corporation (hereinafter called “KSOC”, “we”, “our” or “us”) understands that personal information is an important information constituting the privacy, and believes that ensuring thorough protection of such information is our social responsibility.

    And following contents of actions are to be undertaken for setting and performing our Personal Information Protection Policy, thus striving to protect personal information. as shown in below.

    1) Appointment of responsible managers
    We appoint a director in charge of personal information protection. we also appoint a manager who handles personal information for each department and has them perform appropriate management.
    2) We will comply with laws and regulations for handling personal information.
    3) Management and protection of personal information
    To prevent the loss, tampering, corruption, and leaking of personal information, we improve our internal regulations and implements reasonable safety measures.
    4) Inquiries about, corrections, deletions, etc. of personal information
    When we receive inquiries on a personal information or requests for corrections, deletions, etc. of the same by a customer, we respect the intention and take any necessary measures within reason to complete the request.
    5) Review and improvement
    We KSOC commit ourselves in improving the operations and internal rules as appropriate in response to Personal Information Protection Policy.
  2. Purpose of use on personal information

    We use the personal information obtained within the scope necessary to achieve the following purposes in our business activities, including the manufacturing, sales, and service.

    While, there will also be a case an individual purpose for the use of the personal information is to be announced specifically for its purpose only.

    1) Cases of handling Customer’s personal information
    * Announcement of new products and event campaigns
    * Planning and development of various products and services
    * Repair and/or inspection of purchased products and other after-sales services
    * Responding to inquiries
    * Exercise of rights and performance of obligations under contracts.
    * Questionnaire Survey to customers
    * Provision of information to our Outsourcees to the extent necessary to respond to customers
    * Operations incidental to the foregoing purposes
    2) Cases of handling on personal information of Suppliers and/or Outsourcees
    * Incidental necessity for the business purposes or performing the contracts.
    * Operations incidental to the foregoing purposes
    3) Case on acceptance or selection of a prospective employee
    * Operations incidental to the foregoing purposes