Product outline

KYOCERA SOC Corporation offers precision optical parts and components utilizing optical design, ultraprecise optical polishing, thin-film deposition technologies with integrated processes. Product examples are optical mirrors, prisms, high-resolution lenses, both standardized and customized. Especially, laser optics have been highly valued and esteemed for the long run.

KYOCERA SOC Corporation provides precision optical system and solution installed into laser measurement equipments, laser processing equipments, disaster prevention safety monitors, environmental observation laser radars etc. KYOCERA SOC Corporation is in charge of design and fabrication processes of the optical engine in the entire system. In addition to the trusted capabilities of design and development, our integrated in-house precision assembly, adjustment and evaluation processes are also its competitive attractiveness.

KYOCERA SOC Corporation is the supplier of both solid-state and direct diode lasers. About those lasers, KYOCERA SOC Corporation provides products with its unique design based on the technology platform as beam shaping or photoregulation and with its core competence of quality reliable laser optics. Especially JUNO series is a wide variety of solid-state and direct diode laser product line-ups applied to various fields. As a domestic top-tier supplier of low-power lasers, KYOCERA SOC Corporation also puts an emphasis on laser related services as well as customized design production for both solid-state and direct diode lasers.