fθ lenses

fθ lenses

fθ lenses

 Fθ lens is used when a galvano mirror or polygon mirror is used to scan a laser beam in two dimensions.
 The lens distortion characteristic is used to scan the focused spot of the beam scanned by the mirror's constant velocity rotational motion at a uniform speed on the focal plane.

 Good focus spot characteristics with minimal aberration
 Interchangeable window protects the lens from scattered objects generated from the workpiece

 Able to customize other wavelengths, multiple wavelengths, long working distances, wide scan areas, etc.

 High-speed drilling of printed wiring boards
 High-speed marking of electronic components
 High-speed marking of resin parts
 Laser processing
 Laser drilling
 Laser welding of synthetic materials
 Laser cutting


Laser processing machine, solar cell manufacturing and inspection system, semiconductor manufacturing and inspection system, LCD manufacturing and inspection system, etc.

Specification examples

Model FT300/5-1080F FT800/22-1080F FT250/4-1064 FT150/4-1064 FT150/2-532S FT150/2-355 FT100/2-355T FT150/2-266S
Wavelength 1060-1100nm 1060-1100nm 1064nm 1064nm 532nm 355nm 355nm 266nm
Focal length 306mm 800mm 250mm 150mm 150mm 150mm 101mm 150mm
Scanning range φ210mm φ792mm φ140mm φ140mm φ72mm φ72mm φ56mm φ72mm
Beam diameter φ28mm φ24mm φ12mm φ12mm φ12mm φ12mm φ10mm φ12mm
Working distance 373.6mm 897.1mm 301 174.7 168 147 108 145.9
  F-theta lens(pdf, 697KB) F-theta lens(YAG laser)(pdf, 492KB)