Long Working Distance Immersion Objective


WD30mm with NA0.3(immersion)!

Suitable for use in a light sheet microscope.
Long working distance allows for deep observation of large transparent specimens.Supports a wide range of refractive indices without a correction ring due to the unique optical design. (Patent pending).Dedicated design for immersion provides clear image. Field curvature is corrected, so the entire field of view is in focus.Space exceeding 60mm x 60mm can be secured by immersion


■ Refractive index

3 types of lenses to match the refractive index of the immersion media.
1.500-1.536(CUBIC-R+ etc)
1.462-1.502(CUBIC-X2 etc)

■ Applications

Biomedical microscope
Lightsheet microscope

Specification examples

CS03-10-33-156 CS03-10-30-152 CS03-10-25-148
Numerical aperture (NA) 0.3
Magnification 10※1
Focal length 18mm
Working distance ※2 33.3mm※3 29.7mm※4 25.1mm※5
Field of view Φ2.5mm
Refractive index of immersion media (d-line) 1.523-1.560 1.500-1.536 1.462-1.502
Wavelength Chromatic aberration and Field curvature Correction 486-656nm
Spherical Correction 450-750nm
Transmittance See the figure below
Correcting ring Non
Parfocal length 113mm
Mounting thread M25×0.75
Pupil position 49.5mm※6
Maximum outer diameter φ39mm
Mass 460g 465g 480g

※1Using imaging lens with focal length of 180mm.
※2 Differs depends on immersion refractive index.
※3 nd=1.560 on the d-line (587.56nm)
※4 nd=1.540 on the d-line (587.56nm)
※5 nd=1.477 on the d-line (587.56nm)
※6 Distance from mounting position to specimen side