Solid-state laser mirrors

Solid-state laser mirrors

Solid-state laser mirrors

KYOCERA SOC Corporation provides mirrors for solid-state laser, which are customizable in factor of durability, stability and efficiency levels based on each customer's request. Damage threshold for optical thin-film depends not only on disposition material but also strongly on formation method or conditions. Strength of our laser mirror technology is such condition database. The database includes accumulated improvements and optimizations over 30 years since early 1980's high power laser mirror development for inertial fusion. KYOCERA SOC Corporation has installed excellent coating equipments such as IAD or IBSD, measuring equipments for laser damage testing and also for optical loss evaluation of cavity-ring-down spectroscopy. You can select a wide range of wavelength choices from VUV to MIR.

Major Features

Solid-state laser mirrors Major Features
High laser resistivity
Laser damage threshold: >20J/cm2 @1064nm, 1ns
Excellent stability
Transmittance fluctuation: 200ppm/℃、
Spectrum shift: 20ppm/℃
(via ion-assited deposition)
Low optical loss
R>99.998% @1064nm, low absorption and scattering

KYOCERA SOC Corporation spends efforts not only on durability but also on stability strengthening. KYOCERA SOC Corporation's temperature-independent coating technology realizes low transmittance fluctuation ratio (△T/To) which is less than 1/5 of the traditional product level, thus overturning the common trade-off idea that a thermally stable coating is low laser anti-damage. KYOCERA SOC Corporation offers high quality, customized and optimized solid-state laser mirrors.

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